Personal Training

What it is:

Let us customize a program for you to fit your lifestyle and to help you achieve your fitness goals. Take advantage of personalized one-one-one attention to inspire you, educate you in proper technique, and maximize your workout. If you've never been able to reach your goals before, let us help. BELIEVE you can! Let our knowledge power your body.

Share the workout with a friend for even more enjoyment!



Benefits of strength training include:

Benefits of strength training include increased muscle mass, increased metabolism, lower incidence of osteoporosis, strengthening to support joints for injury prevention, not to mention lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and so much more. How can you afford NOT to do it!


Whether it's to save on expense or for the added motivation and fun of exercising with a group, Body Symmetry has something for everyone. We use TRX Suspension Training, Bosu, foam rollers, tubing, stability balls and/or hand weights in a variety of exercises.Our emphasis is on proper form and the instructor often walks around making corrections as needed. Clients are encouraged to work at their level. Classes are offered in (usually) 6 week sessions and fill up quickly. Choose from 2 great strength training classes, each meeting twice a week and with each week varied from the previous. Single classes are allowed as space permits - advance registration needed.

TRX® Symmetry:

A kick butt class full of energy and fun! Using your body weight for resistance we work lower body, upper body and of course the midsection for a total body workout. All of our classes focus on form - quality of movement - not repetitions. Class ends with stretching or foam roller work to help improve flexibility as well. For maximum benefit we limit the class size to 9. All levels welcome. See class schedule for days and times offered.

Group Strength:

As a group, or "class" we work all the major muscle groups - Class includes a warm-up and stretching for a total body workout. Each week varies from the previous so your muscles don't get bored. The instructor focus is on proper form of the participants and often walks around correcting form. For maximum benefit we limit the class size to 10. All levels welcome. See class schedule for days and times offered.


Body Symmetry is pleased to announce it is an Offical SPINNING Facility- the only one in the midcoast region! Classes are designed for all levels. Check out our class schedule for details.


Finding a Personal Trainer:
from The New York Times (March 3 2011):

"A good personal trainer should be someone who has a college degree or certification in exercise physiology, and can communicate and motivate. A good personal trainer for older adults should have that - and something else: an understanding of the aging process. '...a 55- or 65-year-old, whose injury history and medical conditions will vary, require a more individualized program.'
The way to find a good trainer is often by word of mouth... Another option: the fitness association IDEA recently started a database, Fitness Connect, on its site:, that allows users to find a personal trainer by location, age and specialty."