UPDATE 6/21: The governor announced effective June 17 we can resume our group strength and spinning classes with specific guidelines. Ginny Sheryl & I reviewed these guidelines. Safety for our clients and staff is our #1 priority. Please read our latest newsletter going out 6/22 with news on our updated classes. We will continure to offer a variety of zoom classes for those not yet comfortable to return to the studio. Stay tuned - as things are constantly evolving we will keep you updated on this page. (also a reminder we are not able to log in to our Facebook page, therefore we are unable to post updates on that page. This is the page to visit for the latest scoop)


Go to:

Sign up for the class by hitting the green tab

Log in with your email address and password (if you're new to Body Symmetry you will need to set up a log in. If you have pre-paid for the spring session you had a password emailed to you. if not sure email me)

It will prompt you for which pass to use(if you are new to Body Symmetry or did not pre-pay for the spring session you will need to purchase your pass via credit card)


You will click on that URL within the confimation email, which takes you to Zoom and just follow their prompts.

Allow a few extra minutes to log in for the class the first time so you can get used to it. You have the option for camera or no camera-some don’t want others to see them, but if I can’t see you I can’t correct your form.

Right before class starts I will “mute all” otherwise we all hear what’s going on in your house-dogs, sirens, etc. At the end of class I will “unmute all” so you can give me direct feedback or you can always email me with questions.

WE SUGGEST SIGNING UP FOR CLASS THE NIGHT BEFORE SO IF YOU HAVE ANY GLITCHES WE CAN HELP YOU. There seems to be delay in receiving some emails, (everyone is online these days) so please plan ahead so that you don't miss your class

updated 3/24: It's so wonderful to see everyone participating in the LiveStream classes! if you're a little nervous about it, it's ok. It's new for everyone (you betcha!) Try to do this the day/night before the class, as I won't be able to help you 5 minutes before class begins. Let me help, and we'll get moving together!!

updated 3/22: GOING LIVE ON MONDAY! All systems go to sign up for our virtual classes : )Thank you all so much for your support this past week. It was wonderful to see you (from a distance) yesterday to pick up some needed equipment for our virual classes. SIGN UP FOR OUR VIRTUAL CLASSES HERE. The creative juices are flowing and some fun different movements will be added to the classes to help you through the self isolation. Email me with questions or if there is a glitch. Your participation in the classes will be fabulously fun, in addition to helping me stay employed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! LOOKING FOR A CARDIO WORKOUT? We can add in spinning this week too if we think there is enough interest out there. Stay tuned to this page and also facebook for updates

updated 3/19: All at studio classes will be cancelled at least to March 31. We will be offering online streaming classes starting next week. Monies prepaid for the spring session will be transferred over as a "pass" to the online classes. More information to follow once I've worked out the details. In brief it would work like our spinning pass - you sign up on the schedulebliss site for an online class that is deducted from your prepaid "pass". You are then sent a link to follow for the class that you signed up for. If you need euqipment for these home workouts, let me know. I am setting up a free equipment rental program for TRX straps, weights, tubing, mats, etc.Let me know what you need and we'll arrange "curbside pick up" !!

updated 3/18: So many of you are interested in live stream which is fabulous. Many of you have expressed concern for me, Ginny & Sheryl. Thank you - you are all such wonderful human beings and it is heartwarming through these tough times. In the event we are not able to open next week (very strong possibility) live stream may be the only option. EQUIPMENT: I know some of you have some equipment at home but many do not. I would be willing to loan out equipment so be thinking what you might need: tubing, dumbells, TRX straps. I have 1 new TRX in the retail display for sale. I can livestream spinning if you have a trainer you can put your bike on.
I just mentioned to Ginny I'm not a camera person.....this is all so outside my comfort zone. BUT I'm always asking you all to go outside your comfort zone when you're working out, right? We can do this. I may offer a beginner mat class for those with no pilates experience and only a mat is needed. I may offer a mat class for those with the reformer experience. And of course strength classes! Stay tuned...

updated 3/16:

We are staying with the plan of no strength or pilates classes 3/17 through 3/23. Spinning is still on if we have enough interest. We are limiting spin classes to 6 participants to allow for extra space between bikes.

We hope to resume all classes 3/24 but will adapt as needed.
At that time, any client who has traveled outside of Maine within the previous 2 weeks will not be allowed into the studio until the 2 week quarantine is completed. (sorry!) I'm sure you don't want to be the person to cause the studio to close.

We have extra protocols in place for mandatory handwashing, wiping down all equipment/weights being used, and allowing for extra space during classes. We are also being extra diligent cleaning throughout the studio. (As we are a small studio we are much more able to keep the areas clean compared to a gym)

Feeling sick? Please stay home. You will be credited for missed classes due to the coronovirus. Safety of all staff and clients of Body Symmetry is of utmost importance.

Movement is medicine. Many of you have expressed the need to still workout to escape the insanity that seems to be in the news, and for those working from home that need an escape. We are going to do our best to help. Those who need to self isolate we are looking into online/streaming workouts.....stay tuned!

We hope to resume classes 3/24 if we can keep everyone healthy

Remember if you are self isolating, you can still get outside! This is not a snow storm that keeps us confined. Go for a walk- explore a park - get some fresh air! Turn the news off and look for signs of spring. We will get through this. BREATHE!